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Phonak have done it again, this time they have created three new hearing aids.


Wickersley Audiology have all three of these devices available for demonstration / trial now.

So if you'd like to have a free hearing test and discuss any of these hearing aids in more detail please click the Book now button or alternatively if you would prefer call 01709437250 to discuss further.


Phonak Slim - For the style conscious
Phonak Life - For people who are active and need waterproof aids
Phonak Fit - For people who are mindful about their health

Phonak Slim

Phonak Slim expands the Lumity RIC portfolio with a design form factor for mild to
severe hearing losses. Phonak Slim is compatible with four external receivers including
the ActiveVent™ Receiver.


No compromise between design and performance



Your Phonak Slim features:

  • Connects to smartphones, TV and more

  • Health data tracking**

  • Crisp natural sound2

  • Brilliant speech understanding1,3,4

  • Personalized noise cancelling

  • Rechargeable

  • Tracks steps to promote greater well-being.**

  • Multiple Bluetooth® connections


Health data tracking**

When paired with the myPhonak app, Phonak Slim includes health data tracking to provide you with the ability to track:

  • Steps

  • Activity levels

  • Optional goal setting

  • Average wearing time in different sound environments

The design of Phonak Slim can help unleash your inner confidence while tracking steps helps promote greater well-being.**

myPhonak App


To make your life easier, Phonak Slim rechargeable hearing aids are quick to charge and long lasting.







Listening in noise and over distance

RogerDirect™ enables Roger technology to stream directly to your hearing aids without having to attach an external receiver.***

Roger microphones have been developed to reduce background noise and transmit the speaker’s voice directly to hearing aids. This enables you to fully participate in group conversations even in very noisy environments, such as restaurants, at work and school activities.

Roger On

Personalize your hearing experience

Download the myPhonak app now. It comes with improved functionality and a new design to make your hearing experience seamless and tailored to your needs.

  • Improved navigation allows you to use the app more intuitively

  • Create custom programs to enhance hearing in different environments

  • Connect with your hearing care provider to get support wherever you are

  • Gain more insights into your Activity levels and Wearing time


>myPhonak App available here<

Phonak Slim Available Colours: Copper/Black Silver/Black Graphite/Black




Phonak Life

The world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid, Audéo Life combines the hearing performance of Audéo Paradise with a robust new housing that provides additional protection from water and sweat.

Audéo Life delivers crisp natural sound1 and is capable being submerged in up to 50cm or 1.64 feet of fresh, pool or salt water. Be reassured you can live life to the fullest with Audéo Life.

Audeo Life highlights

  • Waterproof*

  • Sweatproof

  • Health data tracking**

  • Rechargeable

  • Crisp natural sound1

  • Empowering smart apps

  • Universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, Roger and more

  • Multiple Bluetooth® connections

  • Tap Control for easy access to Bluetooth capabilities

Phonak Charger Case Go™

The Phonak Charger Case Go is ideal for people who want to charge their hearing aids on the move. This inductive charger is exclusively designed for Audéo Life. Featuring an internal battery, it can fully charge the hearing aids up to 3 times on a single charge and is easy to use.

Phonak Charger Case Go

Confidence booster

Are you concerned about your hearing aids when you are out during a rainy day or near a pool? With Audéo Life, you can have peace of mind knowing that your hearing aids are built to withstand the elements. Or, maybe you’re worried about sweat interrupting the quality of your hearing aid’s performance when exercising? Audéo Life hearing aids are sweatproof, ensuring you can continue to exercise without sweat interfering with your hearing. There’s no doubt you will feel more confident around other people and relish all your favorite activities2.

Phonak Life

Health data tracking**

With Audéo Life, you will also have access to key health performance indicators, such as step count and activity levels, enabling you to set health goals and achieve an improved sense of well-being.

* up to 50 cm/1.64 feet

>myPhonak App available here<





Phonak Fit

Our latest innovation in the Paradise line, Audéo Fit takes you beyond hearing improvement by supporting you on your health journey.








Audéo Fit highlights

  • Audéo Fit features a Heart rate sensor that collects heart rate.**

  • By tracking heart rate, steps and activity levels, Audéo Fit promotes healthy habits and creates a greater sense of well-being when paired with the myPhonak app.**

  • Unleash the wonder within by enjoying the signature unrivaled* sound quality1 and universal connectivity of Paradise.

  • If keeping connected is important for you, then Audéo Fit hearing aids are ideal. Enjoy multiple Bluetooth® functions with the ability to connect to smartphones, TV and more.


>myPhonak App available here<

Unleash a healthier version of you

Discover a new world beyond your hearing improvement with all the advanced features integrated with Audéo Fit to unleash a healthier version of you.

Health data tracking**

  • Heart rate

  • Tracks Steps, Activity levels and distance walked or ran

  • Optional goal setting

  • myPhonak app enables health empowerment at your fingertips**myPhonak app

One app to capture health data and control your hearing aids.** All features available at a glance thanks to a smart design.


The benefits of Paradise

Part of the Phonak Paradise portfolio, Audéo Fit also includes the full range of Paradise features. This includes: Unrivaled* sound quality1

  • Crisp natural sound2

  • Brilliant speech understanding1,3,4


Universal connectivity

  • Connects to smartphones, TV, Roger and more

  • Tap Control for easy access to Bluetooth® functionalities

  • Multiple Bluetooth® connections





1. Appleton, J. (2020) AutoSense OS 4.0 - significantly less listening effort and preferred for speech intelligibility. Phonak Field Study News retrieved from, accessed November 2020. 2. Taphuntsang, D. (2020). Market research ID 4387. Please contact if you are interested in further information 3. Wright, A. (2020). Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0: Next-level fitting formula with adaptive compression for reduced listening effort. Phonak Field Study News, retrieved from, accessed August 19th 2020. 4. Appleton, J., & Voss S.C., (2020) Motion-based beamformer steering leads to better speech understanding and overall listening experience. Phonak Field Study News. retrieved from,accessed August 2020.

*compared to Phonak Audéo Marvel **In order to access health data, it is necessary to create an account within myPhonak app.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sonova AG is under license.



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