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Filling Prescription

What Would You Like to Know?

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

  • Will You have a qualified member of staff available to answer my questions / fix my hearing aids
    A lot of big national chains share an audiologist across several stores and because of this you could be waiting weeks to have your hearing tested or hearing aid repaired. We are open 6 days a week and will always have an audiologist available to help you with what ever you may need.
  • What are your store opening times
    Wickersley Audiology' opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturdays 10am to 4pm We are closed on bank holidays
  • What makes you stand out from the big chains?
    Not only do we have time served, qualified audiologists available 6 days a week We also offer the latest technology hearing aids that big chain stores are often unable to offer - at competative prices Included with all our branded hearing aids is a 5 year warranty, where most chains and even some independants only offer 4 years or less. But most importantly, you will always be treated as an individual - not just a number!
  • What happens in a hearing Test?
    We take a structured approach to our Hearing Tests which are carried out to BSA(British Society of Audiology) BSHAA(British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists) and our Gold Standards. Your test and any care received will only be by HCPC and BSHAA registered Audiologists. The first part of the test will be to take a case history. We will ask questions about medications, noise exposure, family hearing problems, occupation history, Tinnitus are among some of the questions we will ask. We will then examine your ears (Otoscopy) we will check the health of the Ear physically. We can even show you the inside of your ear in our Video Otoscopy suite. After this you will sit in our sound proof booth in our sound proof test room. Here we will conduct Pure tone Audiometry(PTA). This will record your hearing ability and give us a score where we can categorize your hearing as; Normal 0 - 20 Mild Loss 21 - 39 Moderate Hearing Loss 40 to 59 Moderate - Severe Hearing Loss 59 to 70 Severe Hearing Loss 71 to 90 Profound Hearing Loss 90+ We can also at this point diagnose wether you have a Sensori Neural, Conductive or Mixed Hearing Loss. It will also highlight if there is now a reason that we may want to refer you to an ENT Consultant. We will then take time to go through your results and explain our findings in a way you can easily understand. If we find a hearing Loss and feel you would benefit from hearing aids we will make recommendations based on what we have found and what will be suitable for you and answer any questions you have. There is no obligation and there will be no pressure for you to make a decision. We understand that this is a big investment and that with our 5 year free to patient warranty if you choose us we will be caring for you for years to come.
  • How much is a hearing test?
    A full hearing test is free for anyone over 18 years of age. However, if a copy of your audiogram and picture of your ears is required we charge £25 for this service however this will be waived if you then go on to purchase hearing aids with us. E.g.
  • What are the different types of hearing aids?
    IIC(invisible in canal) CIC(completley in canal) Instafit The smallest most discreet of hearing devices. To create a device as small as possible there is no rechargeable option so uses size 10 zic air batteries and have no bluetooth/streaming capabilities. RIC(Receiver in Canal) Highest amount of technology in side. Usually Rechargeable and bluetooth enabled. The soft rubber domes give a comfortable fit, whislt the microphone arrays give the best performance in back ground noise. ITE (In the Ear) Custom Made but larger than IIC or CIC which means more power, rechargeable, bluetooth streaming and directional microphones. BTE (Behind the Ear) Fitted with a moulded ear piece. Best for Severe and Profound Hearing Loss. Great for waxy and moist ears as no components in the ear to break down.
  • How much do hearing aids cost?
    The price of hearing aids is dictated by the technology inside the hearing aid, not it's size or appearance as people presume. The top tech level hearing aids will give the best performance. As you drop down the model ranges the features decrease with the price. Our hearing aid range starts at £995 for a pair of the stylish Signia Activ. All Our hearing aids come with Free to patient 5 year warranty, Free wax removal when required during this period. A life time of aftercare And our store is manned by two fully qualified, time served Audiologists 6 days a week so appointments can quickly be booked Our Favourite Premium Hearing aids are; Widex Moment 440 Signia 7 AX Starkey Evolve AI 2400 Phonak P90 Oticon More 1
  • How to choose a Hearing Aid?
    The first choice to be made relates to your hearing loss(prescription) How much power is needed? Which style is most suitable for this? We don't want a lack of volume, feedback, distotion or to make you feel blocked up (occluded) Next is to choose the features that suit you most. How is your dexterity? batteries vs rechargeable. Music/TV and phonecalls, can we benefit with the use of bluetooth technology? Vanity vs performance How social are we? How are we in social situations? Background noise is a real problem for me? Occupation. Do we work in meeting rooms do we use a stethascope? I struggle when driving or being a passenger in a car. This and more needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a hearing aid. We want you to be happy with your investment. With our free 5 year warranty, lifetime of aftercare and free wax removal if required (for the life of the hearing aid) The hearing aids pictured above are the same price but are designed for different hearing losses. The Phonak Naida (bottom) will give a profound hearing loss wearer far superior hearing than the IIC above which only has half the output.
  • How much does it cost?
    Your wax removal treatment and follow up if neccessary is £50 No wax, No charge. Our Olive Oil and Sodi Bic drops are £5 per 10ml bottle.
  • Is it painful?
    It shouldn't be. If the pre treatment(Softening) is done correctly(See what should I do before my appointment) The procedure should be straight forward. If the wax is not soft enough we may have to re arrange the appointment after further softening.
  • What if the wax cannot be removed?
    If we cannot remove your wax at your appointment we may have to re book your appointment after further softening. No further charge will be made for this follow up appointment.
  • How do you remove Ear Wax?
    There a various methods of removing Ear Wax, Cotton Buds are not one of them. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME !!! Our preferred and safest method is Micro Suction. Other methods include wax Irrigation (Syringing) and manual extraction using Hooks, Probes and Forceps.
  • What are the first signs I might have a hearing loss?
    Hearing loss can present itself in many ways, but due to the slow rate of decline to our hearing we don’t often pick up on it as quickly as we should or, other people might notice before we do? Television - We may notice that actors are 'mumbling' or background music might seem louder than necessary. Background noise - When we go out to meet family or friends in noisy environments such as pubs, restaurants cafe's etc we may find that we are asking people to repeat themselves or leaning in to the conversation and straining to hear. Sometimes if we are really struggling, we may simply give up and sit back offering a nod and a smile when we think it is the right time to do so, just because we are too embarrassed to ask someone to repeat themselves again. If this is happening to you or to someone you may know, it’s important to understand that as social beings, we need conversations and interaction and not being able to join in can have a negative effect on our quality of life. Hearing loss has been proven to increase the risk of Dementia and Cognitive decline. If any of the above sounds familiar or you know someone suffering? we strongly would recommend a no obligation no pressure Hearing Test so we can check the health of your ear and how good (or bad) your hearing actually is. We can then go through your results in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Is Hearing Loss a common problem
    Unfortunatly hearing loss is common and usually an age related issue, but sometimes other things can cause our hearing to decline, such as genetic makeup (hereditory,) Fluid build up in the middle ear (Eustachian tube dysfunction) or even working in noise which can cause damage. Best course of action with any suspected hearing loss is to have a free hearing test performed so your audiologist can explain your hearing to you in an easy to digest way.
  • How Does the Ear (Hearing) work
    We have attached a video that shows the journey of sound as it enters the outer ear - into the middle ear and into the cochlea.
  • How much does hearing protection cost?
    Phonak Serenity Choice range starts at £24.99 sleep and work upto £49.99 for Music. Custom made Phonak Serenity Choice plus are £199 a pair
  • What Hearing protection do you Offer?
    We offer Generic (off the shelf) and Custom made (moulded and perfectly fitting). All the hearing protecton we supply comes from Phonak one of the biggest manufacturers of hearing and hearing assistive devices. Phonak's Serenity range has been designed to offer the ultimate protection for your ears suited to your individual needs. Different filters are used to offer protection from different noise, water and pain from flying.
  • Why should I protect my ears?
    The Ear is a delicate Organ and can be damaged in numerous ways from simply growing older, from noise, infection and medication. Noise-induced hearing loss is the 2nd highest cause of hearing Loss caused by being around very loud noises for a long time. This could include: being in a noisy workplace listening to loud music loud bursts of sound, like gunshot or explosions. Infection can be picked up in the ear aswell. a common place for this to happen is from bacteria in water. Swimming pools, open water and hot tubs are the most common place to pick up infection. Pain from pressure. Air pressure from the Outer and Middle Ear should be equal. some ears are not as effective as others at this. Kids are particularily prown as the Eustachian Tube is more horizontal than vertical as it is when we grow older. Some are affected because of sinus and throat issues or simply our genetic make up. A snoring partner can keep us awake at night and we all know how annoying been woken up in the night is.
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