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Hearing Loss

At Wickersley Audiology we provide the most advanced Hearing Loss solutions

Hearing Loss: Articles & Resources

Hearing Loss

Hearing Tests and treatments in Rotherham

​Here at Wickersley Audiology, we take your Hearing Health very seriously. Our ability to hear and hear well is very important to us. People can take their hearing for granted but the side effects of hearing difficulty can be catastrophic, even if your problem is only when in groups, in background noise, people mumbling or the sound of modern TV broadcasting.

Evidence links even mild hearing loss to negative cognitive results and withdrawal from social situations that will reduce their quality of life

The problem can be Congenital, age-related, or even just a blockage of wax in the ear canal.

The solution is easier than you think

Here at Wickersley Audiology Rotherham, we would advise the first step in identifying a hearing loss would be to have a free hearing test in our purpose-built, soundproof testing room. We can check your physical Ear health and show you a video of the inside of your ears in our purpose-built Microsuction wax removal suite.

We can then discuss with you the results making sure that you fully understand the nature of your hearing.

If a hearing loss is identified we will make recommendations based on your results to get you hearing better again.

If you are still not quite sure if hearing aids are for you and would like to try them, we offer a free, no-obligation hearing aid trial along with a no-quibble 90-day money-back guarantee which makes the experience completely risk free!

Being An Independent Audiologist, our Hearing center is open 6 days a week, we have next day and emergency appointments available and you will only be seen by an experienced HCPC BSHAA registered Audiologist working to our Gold Standard operating procedures.


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