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WAX Removal: Articles & Resources

Wax Removal at Wickersley Audiology, Rotherham

Safety first – we use micro-suction as our preferred method of wax removal. This method has the best results and lowers the risk of causing any damage. That being said though, particularly stubborn wax when being removed can cause slight abrasions to the skin in the canal and in rare cases can cause a small bleed. This is perfectly normal and is best kept dry during the healing process.


Both methods are usually totally comfortable and usually, the blockage is removed in minutes. Sometimes we may use both methods to ensure all the wax is removed. Sometimes it may take more than one visit to remove all the wax, if this is the case then the second visit is totally free of charge.


We are fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologists with additional training in aural micro-suction ear wax removal by the Ear Wax Clinic (Aston University) We are also registered with the HCPC, BSHAA, and fully insured.

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