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GN Resound Omnia Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Gn Resound have this week (26th October) Offcially released their new Omnia Hearing Aid Range.

Want to hear your best in noise and enjoy sounds all around you? Now you can with (new) ReSound OMNIA™.

Life is full of details around you that enrich everyday moments, but can you hear them clearly? Now you can with ReSound OMNIA.

ReSound OMNIA sounds and feels natural and connects you naturally to the world around you.

• Designed for optimal comfort on the ear

• All-weatherproof

• Rechargeability with up to 30 hours of use on a single charge

• Direct streaming for calls and music from iPhone® and iPad® or Android™ smartphones

Sounds natural

Hearing in noise is a huge challenge for people with hearing loss. We have taken a great leap forward with sound benefits so your clients can automatically listen to who and what they want to, all around, even in noise.

Feels natural

ReSound OMNIA fits your clients' needs and situations around the clock for great performance all day and the best wearing comfort, in all kinds of weather. It gives peace of mind.

Rechargeable and ready to go

Hear battery-fresh sound and do what you want without worrying about running out of power.

Rechargeable with up to 30h of use on 1 charge

This is ReSound OMNIA

Automatically listen to who and what you want to with our newest hearing aids for mild to severe hearing loss, and surround yourself with what you love.

What’s the secret?

Organic Hearing™, our unique approach to creating hearing solutions that sound natural, feel natural and connect you naturally to the world. It brings something extra special to the table.

Choose your favourite colour

Get a beautiful finish on an ergonomic design that raindrops just slide off. Now you can – with a nanocoated design in stylish tones.

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