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My Spidey Senses are Tingling

Lets talk about Spider Hearing, Have you every noticed Spider Ears? No, Well this is because they don't have any and it was thought they could only detect mechanical vibrations through their sensory organ and not airborne sound. Well we now know they can. Tests on the Ogre Faced Net Catching Spider(Deinopis spinosa) Show that this spider can hear through its legs it can hear in the frequency range of 100hz to 10,000hz. So not as wide an array as us humans but gives it the ability to zone in on prey and also pick up on its predators such as Birds.

On hearing its prey Deinopis Spinosa using a web as a net between its front legs can launch an attack in 60 milliseconds way quicker than much of its prey can react.

Another Interesting Arachnid is the Bridge Spider. Similar to how we use large arrays to search for UFO's and ET's miles away the Bridge Spider uses his webs to create its own giant engineered ear. Building these Acoustic Arrays allows the Spider to hear sounds from a much greater distance than it would otherwise be able to do.


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