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Roger, Roger, The Final word in hearing in background noise

We are so blessed to live and work in Wickersley Rotherham. Great Schools, Great Community and a great Nights Out. It could be going out for a beer at the Masons or Three Horse Shoes.

We could be eatingat W Italian,

Seasons & The Courtyard

The one thing these places all have in common is that they are busy, social venues meaning there can be a lot of background noise.

As we age (Presbyacusis) or if our ears are damaged this can make following conversations difficult even on the TV.

The latest Phonak Hearing Aids (Phonak Paradise 90) are exceptionally good compared with older lesser spec hearing aids at improving this, although they do have their limitations.

This is where ROGER with its multi directional remote microphone array following conversation even with larger groups and in back ground noise is as good as modern technology gets.

In conjunction with it's built in TV connector streaming Dolby audio to your Phonak Paradise hearing aids your TV Audio enjoyment will never have been as good.

Trial now for free at Wickersley Audiology.

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