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Signia Insio IX

A custom solution, designed to keep up with conversation!

Small size, big impact on your hearing hearing

Our most discreet custom hearing aid is now

re-engineered to masterfully reduce background noise,

whilst keeping you in the conversation. Embrace an

almost invisible hearing aid, tailored just for you.

With Insio IX, every conversation shines thanks to its ability

to focus in on the person you’re speaking with, while

simultaneously cutting out background noise.aid,

5 Reasons to choose Insio IX

• Optimised sound quality: Powered by Signia’s latest hearing technology.

• Compact & discreet: Choose from CIC

(completely in canal) and IIC (invisible in

canal) models.

• Enhanced focus: Prioritises important

sounds, reducing background noise.

• Comfort redefined: Designed for a snug,

comfortable fit.

• Colour options: Available in mocha, black,

and dark brown faceplate varieties.

Join the conversation

Dive into the world of enhanced hearing with Insio IX.

Book a free, no-obligation hearing test with us today, or call to discuss on 01709437250

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