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Starkey Evovle Bluetooth Completely In Canal

Starkey has recently launched the industries first Bluetooth compatible invisible CIC.

Wirelessly connect your phone to your hearing aids.

The top-of-the-range Evolv Ai 2400 wireless CIC has cutting-edge new features and up to 40% more noise reduction than previous premium devices. The top three tech levels 2400, 2000 and 1600 now benefit from the revolutionary ‘Edge’ mode’ and all levels of technology benefit from the new ‘Starkey Sound’ AI technology that automatically optimises speech audibility.

‘Effortlessly enjoy every moment with the hearing aids that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle'.

No matter how good a hearing aid can be, it may be useless if not professionally fitted by an experienced Audiologist.

Key Features of Starkey Evolv Ai family

  • Full range of styles from the smallest IIC in the industry to a powerful BTE

  • Rechargeable BTE, RIC and custom styles

  • Four Technology levels

  • ‘Starkey Sound’ Automatic adjustment technology

  • Edge Mode for enhanced performance in difficult environments (top three levels)

  • 40% More Noise Reduction Compared to Livio AI

  • Faster connection and pairing to all wireless Bluetooth devices.

  • The world’s first Bluetooth CIC hearing aid

  • Includes Starkey’s new 2-Way Audio

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids Are Available in the Full Range of Styles

Starkey has made the Evolv Ai technology available in all hearing aid styles from an invisible-in-canal (IIC) device through to their powerful Power Plus BTE 13 model, for those with the most profound hearing losses. The rechargeable RIC-R style is likely to remain the most popular, offering discrete comfort and a full range of advanced features.

Evolv Ai CIC – the world’s first wireless hearing aid in a ‘completely in the canal’ model that has Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone and most Android devices.

Book an appointment today to come and try this exciting new product from starkey.


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